The municipality of Urdorf with its 9700 inhabitants is situated in the Limmat Valley, right at the gates of Zurich. Combining urban areas, closeness to nature and a wide range of service and commercial companies, it is a location with a lot of advantages. Embedded between the Uetliberg, the Reppischtal, the Schlieremer Berg and the Mutschellen Pass, the town has managed to create a business location on the outskirts of Zurich. Due to its vicinity to the city, excellent infrastructure, including shopping opportun­ities for everyday needs, and a great variety of sports and leisure facilities, Urdorf is considered to be a pleasant place to work and live. If you do not want to give up the proximity of Zurich and at the same time would like to benefit from attractive rents, you simply settle down in Urdorf. With its tax rate of 128 per cent, Urdorf also proves to be attractive In terms of taxation – in particular as compared with the city of Zurich and nearby Dietikon.